Customer Gallery


Here is just a small example of the amazing things you can do with our terrariums!



This custom terrarium is set up as a vivarium.  It incorporates a water basin and a land area.  This tank measures 60" long x 24" deep and 48" tall with a 36" solid front pane of glass to keep the view unobscured.  



Close up of the terrarium above.



This is a freshly set up custom terrarium that measures 31" long x 16" deep x 30" tall with a two sided access to keep the face of the tank clear and visible.  



A few months after growing in, the tank above looks amazing.  This tank houses a group of thumbnail dart frogs.  



Do you have a large collection and tons of miss-matched cages scattered about?  Pictured here are two P2.4 - 22.5" long x 17" deep x 18" tall and two P2.6 - 22.5" long x 17" deep x 24" tall.  

This racking system can be purchased from Home Depot, Target or Costco. 



Here is a P31.4 - 33" long x 17" deep x 18" tall.  It fits snugly on a 36" x 18" baker's rack.  This is set up  to house a group of dartfrogs.  




Here clay pellets are being used to let the water drain below the soil.  You can get the pellets at a gardening or hydroponic supply store.



Here is the start of a beautful collection!

Top level are two P2.6 - 22.5" x 17" x 24" and one P31.6 - 33" x 17" x 24"

Two lower levels are four P2.4 - 22.5" x 17" x 18" and two P31.4 - 33"x 17" x 18"



**This photos are courtesy of Christina Hansen.  You can see more of her amazing collection on her Flickr page here.